Sunday, 19 August 2007


Richard Corbett

My work is about Nature. I strive to understand nature’s forms and layers, moods, and light.
Whether print or paint, or both combined, I work intuitively with the materials on a number of pieces at once to create a finished work that could evoke skies, aerial views, forests, rivers or seas. I always hope that it takes the viewer to another place, a memory of somewhere seen, or as Gerard Manley Hopkins puts it, the “Inscape”- the form that evokes the spiritual within us.

My work is on show at the Fusion Gallery, Bristol-

In September my work will be seen in three venues in Herefordshire during h-Art Including the Applestore Gallery:

I am also taking part in Art in Woodstock in October and I will be exhibiting at the Adam Street Gallery in the Strand in November.

1 One favourite living artist ?
Callum Innes work is breathtaking, because his beautiful big abstract paintings say so much with so little.

2 One favourite historical artist?

Samuel Palmer is a special artist, because he loved to study nature. His tiny sketchbooks can be seen at the British Museum and they are an absolute joy to look at. They are filled with minute drawings and notes to himself about the weather, the colours and the plants.

3 What place in the world has inspired you?
The rivers and the coast of the British Isles.

4 What was the last art thing you purchased?
I love my Tefko Press that I bought from TNLawrence. It stands proudly in the middle of my studio. It never grumbles when I shove old bits of wood and pieces of slate through it and if I treat it well it always makes a beautiful print.

5 Was there any individual who very much helped you on your way?
There have been two individuals in particular in my life so far who have helped me on my way. The first was my tutor, Nigel Stacey, at Watford College of Art. He opened my eyes to the world of art and taught me techniques and skills that I still use today.
The second was Sister Wendy Beckett: a friend of mine showed her my sketchbooks. She wrote me a moving letter about my drawings that inspired me to return to art after a 10 year gap.

6 Last best read?
Le Caprice recipe book, which has incredible photos of food and a great section on Martinis (I must point out, I have never been to the Caprice!!)

7 What do you have on your pinboard?

Photographs of loved ones and a map of the UK of places I have been to.

8 Where and what is your studio?
My studio is in an old stable block in Monmouth. It has its own front door, so once I am in there, I am on my own with all my work. I listen to Radio 3 as I love classical music: it clears my mind and takes my work off in surprising directions.

9 What do think are crimes against good taste & decency in art/craft/design?
Big, boring paintings of trees by a well-known artist at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

10 If you could exhibit in any gallery which would it be?
Tate St. Ives, because it is a beautiful space in a magical spot.

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