Thursday, 13 December 2007

New England House Open Studios Brighton

We braved the rugby scrum which is Sukie's warehouse sale in New England House Brighton, but with journals reduced to £1 people could (and did) do their entire Christmas shopping
There were a number of more hand-made workshops open in the building selling seconds at a big discount and normal stock.

Painter and printmaker Clair Letton was selling her paintings and also freshly created sock puppets and cards which she'll be selling at the studio and next weeks Christmas market at Jubilee square.

Ken Eardley was selling his seconds and perfects in the ceramics workshopp along with Ulrika Jarl, Angela Evans Rowena Gilburt and others.

Angela Evans tiles, and badges (and bargain bin!)

Angela Evans new Soap dishes, sconces and plant shelves.

New England House is still open tomorrow and might be a little more civilised than the opening scum and I'm sure there will be some bargains left. Lots more studios opened than I've mentioned.

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