Monday, 17 March 2008

Etsy Shop of the Week - Gooseflesh

We seem to be on a crochet theme at the moment - what seems to be good is that so many people are using crochet in original, discrete and innovative ways. . Gooseflesh is the Etsy site of Sydney Australian based artist Helle Jorgensen. Helle's etsy site sells crochet pendants and bracelets - mostly of corals and marine themes from the seas north of Sydney.

It is highly illegal these days to collect corals, even dead corals off the beach. So Helle's work is an amazing and original (and more colourful) alternative to found corals.

In addition the etsy shop Helle has a blog where she documents her lastest work - coral gardens and large plastic crochet creations, beach finds, sketches, embroideries and fascinating pictures.

Helle is crocheting a huge 'rubbish vortex' from discarded plastic bags for the Institute For Figuring - who, amongst other things, uses crochet to realise theoretical geometrical shapes. The IFF are exhibiting a coral exhibition in April in New York with the Rubbish Vortex. Website fascinating.

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