Saturday, 7 February 2009

Votive Offerings, Fairy Godmothers and the Placebo effect

Alison Milner is the 3rd? recipient of the Craft Central 'Reflect Forward Award' which allows artists/makers to examine and interpret work from museum collections, working towards an exhibition at Craft Central. Alison has been working with the Welcome Trust Collection.

Votive Offerings, Fairy Godmothers and the Placebo effect
Ceramic artworks exploring the relationship between medicine and belief

Originally trained as a furniture designer, Alison Milner has achieved recognition for her exceptional visual language and stylish interior products.

Given access to the thousands of scientific and medical items that make up the Wellcome Trust’s Collection, Alison’s new works were inspired by some of the unusual objects she encountered. Cell-like ceramic trinkets and internal organs are her modern day take on the earthernware breasts and body part votive offerings collected by Wellcome. The countless bottles of pills and medicines promising all manner of cures led Alison to consider the placebo effect and her highly desirable ceramic medicines are designed to stimulate the power of the mind. As a centrepiece to the exhibition is a provocative installation reflecting on the DNA lottery and the potential of genetic editing,a collaboration with a science glass laboratory consisting of 54 different glass flasks for a piece called Genetic modification.

This ‘craft’ take on modern day quackery has resulted in a poetic and quirky collection of objects showcasing Alison’s attractive aesthetic.

The Reflect Forward scheme enables contemporary craft practitioners to produce cutting edge new work and promotes the use of museum collections as a rich source of inspiration.

The exhibition runs from 25 February – 21 March 2009, Wednesday – Saturday, 12 – 6pm (Free Admission) at Craft Central, 33-35 St John’s Square, London EC1M 4DS

Alison will be giving an Artists Talk on Wednesday 4 March, 6pm start (booking required)

(Photography by Steve Speller)

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