Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Through the Keyhole - Sophie Coryndon

Sophie Coryndon moved into her home in Sussex in January 2008 but started working from her nearby studio in 2005. She has always lived in the country apart from a few years in Brighton when she was first married. She loves having the space to grow things and keep birds, which provide inspiration as well as amusement.

Sophie says 'My studio is in an inspirational rural location near to my home - light and airy with a great landlord and fantastic fellow artists and crafts-people. The house is a beautiful 14th century cottage tucked under the South Downs. Its a bit like a warren inside with tiny doors and two staircases so the kids can run round in circles. The house's age and the fact that it is two cottages joined together gives it a very quirky layout inside. There are different levels in the house, with windows and steps in odd places. There is lots of outside space for the children, dog, chickens and doves. Plus amazing views!'

Sophie also loves the
rural location and being able to watch the seasons change, plus definitely the vegetable garden - watching everything grow gives her so much joy every year.

Sophie describes her style as
eclectic, cheap and cosy. 'My great Aunt died at the same time as we moved to this house. We were lucky to be given a lot of furniture, crockery and curtains. It was very strange how everything seemed to have been made for this house - rugs, furniture and curtains all fitted exactly right'.

In the
bedroom above the fireplace is an early painting by artist Matthew Burrows. The green velvet chair is a family heirloom that has turned the most amazing colour over time.

Sophie's favourite room is the bathroom because she can lie in the bath and look out of the low window over the fields to the Long Man Hill.

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