Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Just Leave it Damien - it's not worth it!

I came across this Charlie Brooker tirade against multi-millionaire Damien Hirst's seizure of a teenagers artwork and earnings (£200) over some humourous collages spoofing Hirst and his diamond skull. The young man - Cartrain - has now been arrested over trying to ransom some pencils borrowed from Hirst's installation 'pharmacy' at the Tate Modern. Either Hirst has lost the plot or he's a secret friend of Cartrain boostering him with needed publicity.

(the one that got away - Jonathan Jones' copy published in his Guardian blog)

Charlie Brooker: What links Lord Mandelson, Damien Hirst and the music industry?

Overvalued, irksome, conceited, pudge-faced, balding, boring, awful celebrity art nob Damien Hirst has apparently become embroiled in a ludicrous feud with a 19-year-old graffiti artist called Cartrain. Hostilities erupted in 2008, when Cartrain created a sarcastic collage that included an image of Hirst's stupid bling-encrusted skull "artwork" (the one that reportedly sold for £50m at auction, although that figure is disputed by virtually anyone who still retains some degree of faith in humankind).

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