Wednesday, 17 March 2010

3 New Websites Launched

At long last we have launched 3 new websites to replace our elderly ones for Brighton Art Fair and MADE10 and a shiny new one for our exciting new event the Palace Art Fair at Fulham Palace London.
The online application forms for artists seem to be working smoothly, and the redesigned sites have a crisper, cleaner look. Behind the scenes our selection process will be made simple with all the artists information viewable on screen and a slide show of submitted images.
Already there've been some fantastic applications for all 3 shows and as part of the selection committee I can't resist having a peek but we don't properly start selection until the deadline has passed (which is now 14 April as it took so long to get all the sites tested and ready)

The sites will be featuring (RSS) this blog on each of the home pages (so I better make sure I keep the blog up to date) If anyone wants to help write about what's happening in their area drop me a line....

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