Thursday, 12 August 2010

Cross Street Workshops

I had a lovely day absorbed in a jewellery workshop run by Laila Smith,who apart from running the courses, also makes her own very beautiful and original jewellery.
The Cross Street Workshops are lovely and full of character, and the Real Patisserie 2 minutes away meant that I did very well for my lunch.

We all got so much done under Laila's careful guidance, and on the first ring that we made learnt about anealing the metal, sizing the ring, different methods of adding texture to the metal, shaping or forming the ring, careful soldering and polishing.
At the end of the day I had made a ring and matching earrings, I have never made 'proper' jewellery before so was amazed how 'proper' they were. The ring hasn't been off my finger since, and I don't usually wear rings.

Laila also runs a workshop where you can design and make your own wedding rings.

"Come as a couple or one partner could make a pair of rings. You also recieve a CD with photos of your workshop, just in case no-one believes you made them!"

I think this must be the most perfect way to have something so personal.

Two of Laila's beautiful brooches.

The Workshops also offer mosaic classes with Anna Tilson.

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