Saturday, 25 September 2010

Brighton Art Fair 2010

We're recovering after a busy and mostly successful Brighton Art Fair. (and gearing up for the inaugural Palace Art Fair)

Visitors said BAF10 was the best fair so far, in terms of the quality and variety of the art on show and like the atmosphere and friendliness of the event.

We managed to get round before the show opened and before it filled up to take some of the highlights.
Above Kate Walters earthy, grounded and rather pagan paintings.

Lisa Traxlers abstract paintings and Matthew Chambers geometric stoneware sculptures.

Sarah Young's yearbook paintings, and prints.

and Guy Holder's transformational ceramic sculptures. Made up and impossible annimals, some silly some verging on the unsettling but all exuberant and fantastical.

Thanks to all the artists who came and made the show a visual success and to the visitors who come each year in increasing numbers.

See you next year?

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