Thursday, 14 October 2010

Essential Italy Art Prize at the Palace Art Fair

We are thrilled to announce the winners of Essential Italy 's art prize at the Palace Art Fair. The Director of Essential Italy, Helen Forbes, was so impressed with the quality and variety of work on show, that she was forced to choose two pieces of work.

The first was Bonfire by artist Cat Roisettier represented at the Art Fair by ArtDog London. Encapsulated in bleak little worlds, Cat Roisettier's fictional characters and scenes assemble as fragments of surreal sequences. She works in pencil, oil pastel, watercolour, monoprint and etching to create illustrations with poetic and ambiguous narratives. Bonfire is a limited edition etching of 4.

Helen's second choice was a photograph by Liam Bailey from the Found Footballs series. Liam was represented at the Art Fair by Troika Editions. As Liam goes about his daily routine he finds things; bundles of old stamps wrapped in the ubiquitous red rubber band, golf balls smashed and broken along the side of the verge, banana shaped company badges discovered at a flea market in Amsterdam. Each set provides Liam with a story and it is this hidden narrative that he is keen to tease out and develop through the photographic process.

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