Thursday, 18 August 2011

Featured Artist - Precious Murphy

Precious Murphy produces limited edition prints inspired by Art Deco, space ships and architects plans. He will be exhibiting his work at the Brighton Art Fair.

Where did you train? What did training teach you and what do you wish it had taught you?
My only official training in art was at 6th Form College. The particular style of work I do is down to my devoted interest that I had in school, in Technical Drawing, a subject that was not taught in the school I went to after being taken out of the comprehensive system. The best training I had in style, taste and art was from my mother. She always has beautiful objet d'art around the house and lovely books of lots of different art. We had good Swedish designed furniture at home before IKEA was born, we always had good shoes and I knew what Jaeger was by the time I was 10.

When and where did you first want to do what you do?
That still hasn't happened to me yet. I LOVE doing what I am doing at the moment and I would be happy if this is what I am going to do for the rest of my life. Saying that, I hope I do many many more things, from a creative point of view, before I die.

One favourite living artist?
Pedro Almodovar because his movies are so stylish with the right amount of humour, kitsch and tear jerking moments.

One favourite historical artist?
Charles Rennie Mackintosh, his work is as valid today as it was when he created it. He was way ahead of his time and it still amazes me that he had the vision that he did and that it has stood the test of time. Without him and his work, none of my work would make any sense at all.

Where do you get most of your inspiration from?
Skyscrapers, circuit boards, robots, NASA and retro visions of the future.

What is the most interesting / fun job you have had?
The first job I ever had was on a junior hotel management training programme. It was interesting because I spent part of my training in an hotel in Glasgow's red light district. The things I saw in that environment were very interesting to a young teenage man.

Have you had any interesting work related collaborations?
Not yet, but if Frank Gehry or Santiago Calatrava are reading this, feel free to get in touch fellas. Kitty Finegan and I are currently working out something, I hope this develops. Her work is so happy and stylish and sexy. I particularly like the work she has done thats been inspired by the Japanese youth cultures.

At age 16 who most influenced your style?
Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Spandau Ballet and Altered Images

Last book / film that blew your mind?
The first Harry Potter book blew my mind and the last movie that did that was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The first book that blew my mind was The Lord of The Flies, the first film that blew my mind was Pulp Fiction.

What music are you currently listening to?
U2, Take That, ABBA, Mary J Blige, Plan B and Horse Meat Disco

Who would you say buys your work?
Architects, Scientists, Autistic Kids, Neighbours and Mates

Where and what is your studio?
 My studio is inside my bag, its a pencil, a note book and a Mac, its everywhere I go.

Do you have a good work/life balance?
I guess I have the perfect work/life balance really. My day job as cabin crew for a big British airline takes me all over the world. With a lot of my inspiration coming from architecture, neon signs and graphics on packaging, I am exposed to many different styles of architecture and visual culture around the world. This constantly inspires me.

What one word would describe your feeling of doing your work?

If you could be doing anything else what would it be?
Designing the buildings for the first colony on the moon.

If you could exhibit in any gallery in the world which would it be?
Being honest, I would prefer to exhibit my work on the sides of buildings or on roadside billboards. I want to reach out to people that DON'T visit galleries and would like to get these people more engaged in all art forms, not just the visual arts. More should be done to draw in these people, we could be missing out on some real creative genius that don't realise that what is going on inside their heads can be expressed in a movie or a play or a painting. If I HAD to choose a gallery, I think it would be The Guggenheim in Abu Dhabi. I love the attitude towards architecture and development in the Middle East, they have huge aspirations and have no limits to the scale or style of how their landscape should evolve.

Any other relevant information?
 I am a Cancerian, I once modelled on the Clothes Show, I have met Nelson Mandela and I belong to the Eurovision Song Contest Fan Club of Andorra.

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