Saturday, 28 January 2012

Origin Cancelled

I've just heard that the Craft Council - who are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year - are planning a new event for makers to take place somewhere and sometime in 2013.

"Makers are working in new ways and need new and diverse platforms through which to promote their work. There has been a notable increase in high-quality domestic marketplace opportunities for makers over the last few years which is good news for the craft sector. It is the Crafts Council's role to create fresh opportunities and identify new ways in which to engage buyers and collectors with contemporary craft and we will design a relevant, distinctive and dynamic new opportunity for 2013." Rosy Greenlees, Executive Director, Crafts Council

The new event is currently in development and further details will be announced later this year. In order to focus fully on this new event, the Crafts Council will not present Origin in 2012. 

So Origin is cancelled at least for this year.

Origin took over from the Chelsea Crafts Fair which was held for many years in Chelsea town hall, the name was changed when the show moved to Somerset House courtyard for a few years before the move to trendy Spitalfields and the integration into London Design week. 

SO do the Crafts Council know something we don't? or is it merely the success of Bovey Tracey, MADE, Great Northern etc meaning that there isn't such a need for a single, officially endorsed London showcase anymore?

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