Monday, 17 September 2012

Featured Artist - Christopher Sacre

This year we are very pleased to be able to feature in the entrance lobby at Brighton Art Fair a new installation by Christopher Sacre.

Christopher Sacre’s epiphany as an artist arrived unexpectedly when he discovered a happy marriage between condoms and plaster in 2010. The resultant installation, ‘See What This Man Gave Birth to After Using 2000 Condoms in 22 Days’ consisted of 2000 of plaster ‘babies’, simple cast forms whose method of production references the way in which a used condom is knotted and discarded. “Would they be black? White? Deaf? Disabled?” he asks. “The sperm left inside the condom all looks the same...”

For the Brighton Art Fair Christopher has been inspired to create new artworks based on his installation. Using bold colours from our national flag and the Olympic rings he explores new territory but, as ever, chooses to remain ambiguous as to the meaning and form the work will take...

Christopher says, “It's an honour to be invited to showcase my work at the Brighton Art Fair, which I consider to be one of the increasingly important dates in the art calendar. I'm a little daunted to be honest but looking forward to meeting everyone!"


London-born Christopher Sacre studied Fine Art Sculpture in Wolverhampton. His 2010 installation, ‘See What This Man Gave Birth to After Using 2000 Condoms in 22 Days’  marked a creative turning point as his work shifted from more traditional, nature-related sculpture to the conceptual.

Re-energised by the success of the piece, he continues to explore the possibilities of his condom-cast creations whilst pushing his work into unfamiliar territory with drawings, paintings and prints.

Christopher also works extensively with museums and galleries around the country delivering creative workshops for both deaf and hearing children. He is based in Medway, Kent.

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