Thursday, 10 May 2007


Sarah has again come up with a fantastic poster for the Brighton Art Fair, continuing our character developed for BAF04 and the transportation theme but Madame L'art is transported this year to the carousel on the seafront to celebrate her purchases for her walls.

On the advice of our marketting people and in keeping with the spirit of the times we have moved away from tasteful towards in-your-face bright purple and magenta.
We will launch the campaign on August 20th but have produced postcards with the Craft and Art on as forward publicity during the summer.
And for the Craft Fair the design is continuing form last years gardening - picking Wood, metal, ceramic 'flowers' to choosing wood metal and ceramic 'cakes'. Bright pink should help make the posters stand out in the November gloom.

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Brighton Art Fair Selection

This years selection has been our most dificult so far, we've had more applications than ever and they've all - by and large - been of a high standard. We only have just over 9o spaces and with over 300 applications really difficult decisions have had to be made. Here is the (almost finished list - some scanning still to do) Brighton Art Fair Artists 07

We want the show to look fresh and to have as much variety within the show as we can, so long as the work is original and shows passion. So what do we do when we have too many good applicants? Not select artists who have done the show before to give new artists a chance? or be loyal to the artists who have shown confidence in us in the early years? In the end we could have staged an exhibition about a quarter the size again without worrying about quality and many good people have been turned down.

We're very excited about the show we think it will look fantastic, we have about one third new artists with two thirds returning artists and old favourites. We will be featuring individual artists on this blog over the coming weeks but to mention just 4 for now;

Matt Smith will be showing his beautiful small ceramic sculptures
Natasha Kahn
her sparse paintings inspired by urban architecture
Ruth Green With etchings and screenprints

and artist and animator Millie Young with her powerful and intimate portraits of elephants from Thailand

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