Monday, 24 September 2007

Road Roller Printing - Pics

Despite very blustery weather and a very doubtful looking start (heavy rain) 6 BAF artists met at the pavilion gardens to print specially commissioned lino-cuts for the lobby of Brighton Art Fair.

Brenda Hartill, Jane Sampson, Helen Brown , Ann D'arcy Hughes , Hugh Ribbans and Bernard Lodge all cut a 90cmx90cm lino block over the summer and we printed (some of) them today.
We were using a road roller as the blocks are too large to fit in a press and although the sun shone most of the day the conditions were not made easy by very strong squalls twirling our paper, pushing dusts leaves and stones onto the block and at one point turning our canopy into a kite.

The blocks though were great and some of the results outstanding despite the working conditions.

We got some spectators and Fred Pipes sent me this video he edited on U-tube

Jane Sampson keeps the 'blanket ' in position as the roller slowly applies pressure

Bernard Lodge and Jane begin to peel the print from the block

The print 'Harpies' revealed

Lino blocks ready to ink (ann D'arcy Hughes' the universe)

Brenda Hartill's finished print.

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