Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Brighton Art Fair 2007

The art fair is over now for another year but it did put me out of blogging action for a few weeks recovering from organising the show, helping Sarah print and exhibit, and then catching up with all the jobs we put on the back burner. The fog is clearing somewhat although we are now into the build-up to the Brighton Craft Fair.

Brighton Art Fair was extremely well received this year, both the public and the artists felt it was the best yet in terms of the range quality and selection of artists. some of the visitors said it was their favorite art fair because it is friendly, the quality is consistently good but with about 150 artists the size isn't too overpowering.

Artists reported that more money than every before was spent at the fair, with visitors prepared to spend more on a single picture than in previous years. For us the organisers it does sometimes feel like throwing a large party - we want all the visitors and the exhibitors to enjoy themselves and the sales to be equally spread throughout the exhibitors, inevitably it isn't ever going to happen and so some exhibitors didn't sell well on the day - but we've heard that for some sales have been impressive in the weeks after the show.

Maxine Sutton's stand
Sarah's and Tessa's space (with a man modeling a Brighton Art Fair goody bag)

The results of the Road Roller printing

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