Thursday, 18 October 2007

Jo Lamb at HQ Gallery

We've seen and very much liked Jo Lamb's work over a number of years notably at the Newhaven Open Houses, and to be honest wished we'd had the money and foresight to buy a painting or two, as now she seems to be hitting the big time concentrating on her paintings and being shown by good galleries such as Todds in Hastings, Zimmer Stewart in Arundel and now a solo show in the lovely modern space of HQ gallery in Lewes. Her work at this exhibition is a combination of paintings inspired by working at Lewes prison with strong geometric shapes, arches and verticals pictorial but almost abstract.

Narrative pictures about leaving her house overlooking the quay in Newhaven and moving to Lewes and pictures featuring her toy robots and other objects. - such as the featured "fluffy visits a fetish party" - see below

We were there for the PV and although as always it was a little too crowded to see the smallish paintings properly a good proportion had the little red dots on them. We hope the show proves to be a sell-out and hope to pop back in for a second look.

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