Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Roman Klonek Exhibition

We've been having a unaccustomed sociable/artistic time recently going to multiple private views. Mike and Robert from Castor and Pollux on Brighton Seafront invited us for bloody mary's and bagels - a brunch Private View for Roman Klonex's large, graphic, humourous and enchanting cartoonish woodcuts. He seemed to have sold quite a few whilst hanging the exhibition and a few more went whilst we were there, we even bought one (that what happens when you are given Bloody Mary's at tenthirty in the morning!) but it has to be sent from Dusseldorf so we have a few days to decide where to put it.

I already have a draw full of prints waiting to frame but Roman doesn't like the glass coming between the picture and the viewer and so glues the prints to simple box frames. So that one can go straight up.

The simplicity and strength of the images and the use of the texture of the wood in the printing gives the prints a lovely feel. Roman uses the 'suicide method printing all the colours from a single - (ever cutaway) block. This makes registration easy but must take planning and certainty in what the artist wants to do as mistakes can't be rectified nor colours changed if they don't totally work. They seem to work though. It seems from Mr Klonek's website that he is an illustrator and animator - there seems to be something in the air at the moment that prints, animation and illustration are becoming a little hipper and more accepted in the art world. - It is Ok to have fun.

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