Sunday, 6 April 2008

Etsy Site of the Week - Skinnylaminx

Skinnylaminx is the etsy shop of Cape Town based designer, illustrator and writer Heather Moore.( Skinny La Minx is the name of her siamese cat.)
She also writes an interesting blog about design and her obsessions.

Heather is selling her screenprinted tea-towels, aprons from the etsy site. These prints are based on Heather's collections of vintage mugs, spoons as well as natural themes - seedheads, birds etc.

These products are also incredibly good value, Tea-towels at $11 and the aprons at $25 plus postage from South Africa - but still incedible value for a designer handmade product!


Anonymous said...

How lovely those tea towels are. I stumbled on your blog through a search and I am happy I did. A great seller!

Catherine Marche said...

Love the birds and flower prints