Monday, 28 April 2008

Stencils Icons and Spraypaint Workshops at INK'd

It's festival time in Brighton next month and we'll be visiting some of the (literally) hundreds visual art and craft exhibitions taking place over the next month. If anyone has any favourites do email me and we'll try and put them up.

INK'd Gallery in Brighton are running some one day courses with different artists over 3 weekends in May

Saturday 10th May - Stencil Cut - led by Dan Johnson (t(error)ist)

The artist known as t[error]ist will lead a journey of stencilling as an art form. He’ll teach how to safely wield a scalpel, how to strengthen with bridges, how to get the most of participant's own images and how to use paint, nozzles and spray paint.

Saturday 17th May - The Art of the Icon - Pinky

From Mickey Mouse to Murakami, today’s icons and characters are everywhere from street art, mobile phones to websites, computer games, comic books, corporate identity, band logos, T shirts and fine art. Pinky will help participants create their very own icon. Why do symbols work? how to create the right look? – using a number of techniques including, stencils, coloured paper and good old trusty drawing.

Saturday May 24th - Spraypaint Technique - REQ1

""great graf daddy"" REQ1 is reinventing his own take on graffiti art. He will go through the absolute basics including clutch control, fades, line boxes and circles.

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