Monday, 13 October 2008


Following Brighton Art Fair we ran away to Amsterdam for a rest which I suppose we had although we used quite a lot of shoe leather in-between cafes, brown cafes, galleries and junk shops.

Its good to see that figurative art is alive and well in Amsterdam, when you get the feeling it's somewhat looked down on in too trendy old England.

This Bear and Anteater by Jacqueline Woutersen were in Gallerie Strous on the Prinsengracht. We loved the way they were parading across the gallery floor capturing in 3D the movement of a childrens cartoon - lots of other quite 'illustrational' 2D and 3D work in this gallery most narrative and figurative some humourous and some a little disturbing! (check out their website)

We came across a great gallery specialising in figurative sculpture and paintings in Nieuwe Spiegelstraat - Smelik & Stokking who's star artist (as far as we were concerned) was Odile Kinart. A Flemish artist who produces beautiful, naive and calm bronzes which are also lively and humourous.

Odile Kinart says she's influenced by pre-columbian and African art. She wants to express serenity, harmony and humour. Her sculptures are about quiet times and intimate communication.

Smelik and Stokking was at Art London last week - a fact I would have mentioned before if my computer hadn't died on me before I could write this post!

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