Friday, 10 October 2008

MADEUK Competition - Win £200

We are giving away £200 to spend at Brighton Art Fair or MADE next year, for the picture of you and our Art Fair cotton carrierbag in the most exotic location. Here's me in Amsterdam so probably anywhere else will beat it.

The BAF team will make the final decision, initially on distance from Brighton but inaccessibility will probably trump distance. So a picture of you on Rockall will trump you in a bar in Sydney (despite being closer!) Anyone who sends a picture will get a free ticket to visit Brighton Art Fair on the Friday so do send in those pictures. (last years bag counts too) If you haven't got a bag come to MADE08 in November and pick one up!


Dan Thompson said...

So I'm not likely to win with a picture of a bag in Worthing, then?

April said...

I have just come back from Amsterdam! Nothing else planned other than Northern Ireland for now. That couldn't be less exotic!

Jon said...

you might get extra points for inventiveness? Last years bag on Shoreham lifeboat off the pier?