Friday, 5 December 2008

Guerrilla Art Market-Brighton Media Centre- this weekend

A Christmas market bringing together Brighton's best with East London's brightest artists; selling their wares at wholesale prices.
December 6th and 7th, the Brighton Media Centre, 15-17 Middle St, next door to the Hop poles.

Featuring: PinkyVision, Lula Mai, MujuWorld, Call Of The Wild, Gassius, Req One, Sinna1, Bella Clarke, The Osh, Sri, Lonny, La Dilly, Cloudy, Snub23, Anna Kyriacou, Belle Star, Cameron Watt, Hazel Welch, Hizze Fletcher, Jaguar Shoes,Jasmine & Corduroy, Mark Hooley, Russel Maurice, Vanessa Jones.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I came across the images of icon cushions and just to let you know I made them! My name is Prilly Lewis and I knitted the images and then felted them!! - thanks for taking a photo of them!! Hope you get this message!!