Saturday, 6 December 2008

Use and Take Care - Lewes

buy unimaginative, mass produced products, when you can commission a specialist artist, to create something unique that lasts, and perhaps will increase in value over the years? asks Chiara Bianchi, who with partner the sculptor Guy Stevens who have opened one of the most unique, quirky and original shops in Sussex in the Needlemakers in the centre of Lewes.

Use and Take Care - sell a lovely selection of artists products such as Guy's - smaller sculptures, as well as sculpted light pulls, and stone spinning tops, Chiara's - figurative silver jewellery and fabric badges, Aldo Lanzini - one off fabric puppets, artists books, pictures, embroidered bags, dolls, and lots of other one off and handmade artists products.

If you find yourself in Lewes it's well worth visiting Use and Take Care and whilst you're there stop in the Old Needlemakers Cafe run by Lewes artist Sarah Grisewood and have a coffee and cake in this great cafe.

It takes a brave couple to open a gallery/shop specialising the unique and handmade this winter but one that we all should support so please pay them a visit and spend your money with them rather than Argos/Amazon/Marks and Spencer!

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