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Brighton Art and Design Guide - LAST

Last Footwear
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Alex Herdman first opened Last Footwear in Kemp Town Village in the summer of 2004 in the workshop space where she had done her shoemaking apprenticeship. In 2005 Last moved to it's present position in Pool Valley in 2008. Last launched an online shop www.lastfootwear.com

Alex did an art foundation course at Bucks University and was undecided whether to pursue a career in 3D design or Fashion. When she moved to Brighton she came across a small handmade shoe shop and was lucky enough to be offered an apprenticeship she stayed on after the apprenticeship and opened Last

"It seemed a natural progression to stay in Brighton - I enjoy the friendliness and abundance of creative talent in the city"

This beautiful shop is based in Pool Valley just off the sea end of East Street in Brighton's Lanes, next door to the lovely and legendary Mock Turtle Tea Shop.

Last specialises in shoes, accessories and hosiery, mostly hand made and with a definite emphasis on quality and interesting design.

Alex takes some of her inspiration from gallery shops "I have always loved going to galleries and museums and I suppose I took a lot of inspiration from gallery shops, I like the feeling that you are walking away with not just a shoe but a little artwork. I try and make the shop as welcoming as possible and do not want to be elitist, I try and have products that suit even the smallest pocket. I also really enjoy makers and designers bringing in their creations to sell in the shop and have found lots of my suppliers this way."
Alex says that in the main the shop attracts people who work in the creative industries and students.

Among craftsmen and designers who supply the shop are
Wolfram Lohr - Leather work

Rachel Eardley - Jewellery and Prints

Jane Beckley - Bags

Neoma - Leather work
Funn Stockings - Hosiery
Cecile Gilbert - Tiki - Jewellery

Thomas Murphy - Shoes
Florrie - Knitwear

Alpa Mistry - Ties
Amy Phipps - Accessories

Zoe Olivia John - Accessories

Rosa Mosa - Shoes

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