Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Maxine Sutton

"Fancy that"

Maxine Sutton has just launched her new website! Maxine's work focus' on memories of home, childhood. She uses Irish machine, and hand embroidery and a combination of traditional techniques, such as applique, patchwork, needle-punch and screen print. Embroidered lines and richly embroidered areas create further layers of texture and tension.


Maxine has recently played with imagery and ideas springing from our relationship with familiar domestic objects, everyday pastimes, the meaning of ‘home’ and home-making activities.

"Ethel" - tea cosy

The shops not up quite yet but it's great to have a browse through her new and old work including embroidered tea cosies, pictures, works on paper and lavender bags!.

"Marjory" - tea cosy

"Heart - lavender bag"

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