Saturday, 3 October 2009

Brighton Art Fair - Open now

Is it the best fair and selection we have shown in six years as most visitors have commented? or is it good but not quite as good as last years selection as a few have said? Art is subjective so you may have to come and see for yourself.

Dog lovers may have baulked at the monster 7ft wide cat paintings in the lobby but others have fallen for them and gone away thinking whether they have a wall large enough to hang them!

Anyway by and large the whole exhibition has gone down fantastically well with visitors comments raving about the range and quality of the work on show. The fair's been busy and sales have been quite healthy so far so there's a happy feeling in the hall.

Maria Rivans 'pop' collages

Charlotte Hardy drawings, silkscreens and paintings.

Thursday's Private View

Boxbird - silkscreen prints

Frances Doherty flora inspired ceramic sculptures.

Guy Holder's Ibex?

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