Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Mike Levy at Castor and Pollux

We went along to Castor and Pollux the other night to see owner Mike Levy's new exhibition. Best known for his ceramics with free sgraffito decoration featuring couples, mermaids and individuals frolicking and generally relaxing without their clothes.

We were intrigued when Mike said last year that he was building himself a print studio, buying presses and moving away (temporarily) from ceramics to make prints.

Mike has kept his spontaneous free illustration style he previously used on the ceramics. Most of his prints are monoprints made directly by transfering ink, from an inked surface directly onto the print by drawing on the back of paper, and shading by rubbing with a finger.

The results are fresh, lively and fun. As they are all monoprints (ie only one of them) they might not last too long so it's probably a good idea to get down there and have a look very soon.

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