Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Maker of the Week - love loli

Lauren Tourle lives and works in Worthing on the south coast where she produces beautiful textile corsages, soft felted cushions and limited edition stripey scarves. She trades as loveloli.

One favourite living craft maker (and why?)

So many, but within my field…I love the work of Sandra Backlund. She has taken hand knitting into another dimension and transformed it into the most amazing sculptural forms that still have a wearability factor. Her work over the last few years has inspired so many other designers and graduates that the high street is now overflowing with her signature textural knits!

What was the last art/craft/design thing you purchased? or What one product/item do you really covet? (and why?)
Not really purchased, but a gift -a fabulous fish bone Tatty Devine necklace! I have also recently been given a handmade charm necklace dripping with everything from buttons, beads and found items to pieces of Lego! Brilliant! Secret covetable item, however, would have to be the fragile and enchanting Chronicles of Narnia cut book sculpture by Su Blackwell. Unashamedly expensive but oh so beautiful!!

At age 15 who influenced your style? Was there any individual who very much helped you on your way?
Wow, at 15? I didn’t have any! –this was the Eighties! The Cure, Smiths, Cocteau Twins, even Madonna! A lot of Goth’y stuff, a bit of Psychobilly (I had an awful flat-top!) and a later attempt of being more grown up? (shoulder pads and perm!) I’m quite surprised that I actually got in to College. Seriously though, my Grandmother was definitely a creative influence and I have fond memories of the old Singer sewing machine and tins of lovely old buttons! I realise now why I have such an extensive collection of vintage haberdashery!

Last best read (book).
I read so many trend/forecasting fashion and textile magazines that a good old book is a welcome treat! To be honest I read almost anything at night in order to sleep- my mind is a constant whirl of ideas and sleep doesn’t come easy. I have always had a notebook by my bedside to empty my ideas/thoughts but still need to read to force my eyes shut! The Time Travellers Wife was a beautiful read but sadly bombed as a film! The Celestine Prophecy I have read countless times and think everyone would view life differently after reading this.

Where and what is your studio? Do you work alone? In silence, radio?
I have a studio built on to the back of my house that overlooks my garden. Peaceful, accessible but just far enough away to escape from.

What is your favourite (art) website (and why)?
I am a compulsive web surfer and manage to stumble across vast amounts of random web/blogs full of inspiring stuff. Currently loving ‘knit kicks’ – a blog about contemporary fashion knits. A bit of one stop shop for your inspiration needs!

Surprising activity/hobby?
I love anything art, design, fashion and interior related. So my down time usually involves being creative in some form! Having 3 boys I find some weekends involve slightly more active pursuits such as Go-karting and Skating (I’m rubbish at both!)

Do you have a good work/life balance? Are you able to switch off from art work?

What one word would describe your feeling of doing your work?
Synchronicity! It just ‘feels right’.

Do you think art and craft has any real importance?
Of course. It’s brilliant therapy and allows people to express their individuality. Without the natural creative force within us all - the world would be a very dull place.

What do think are crimes against good taste & decency in art/craft/design?
Ugg boots!

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amber said...

I love your designs and creativity! I have personally purchased two of your felt flower brooches and have seen some amazing looking jewellery that you made. Hope you have some jewellery pieces available next time I see you, would love to have one of your one off pieces and a Loly scarf or two for Crissy present?! keep up the good work Loli and hope to see you at the next Arts & Crafts Fayre :) Will look at your webbie ... xx