Monday, 10 May 2010

Coming up - Paul Catherall at Castor & Pollux

In addition to the many delights Brighton's art festival has to offer, Castor & Pollux are showing Paul Catherall as their festival exhibition this year.

Catherall’s architectural prints draw from 20th Century poster design and focus on structures that are part of the urban environment with a clean and sharp palette inspired by commercial art of the 1950’s and 1960’s Catherall depicts various well-known landmarks from London, New York and Brighton.

Catherall identifies the established and continually developing skylines of his locations, treated equally in measure. Catherall displays an expert eye for composition and colour; and great draughtsmanship, achieving ultimately a delicate balance between classic commercial design and contemporary urban landscape. His linocuts have become synonymous with Transport for London and Tate Modern.

The private view takes place this Friday from 6-9 pm. You can see more information at including the Brighton Print Paul has done especially for the exhibition.

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