Monday, 17 May 2010

Oxfam's 100km Trailwalker

Helen Forbes, the Director of Essential Italy who are sponsoring an art prize at the Palace Art Fair, is taking part in Oxfam's Trailwalker, a 100km team challenge across the South Downs starting in Petersfield and finishing in Brighton. Teams of four trek through the night to complete the course in under 30 hours. The challenge combines endurance, navigation, determination and teamwork!

Helen is taking part in the walk with three male friends and they hope to achieve the walk in 28 hours.

Helen says, 'We have to complete the walk together. If one member of the team can't make the finish then we have all failed. I am the only woman on the team which probably makes me even more determined than ever not to let the side down. We hope to raise in excess of £2000 which will be fantastic support for Oxfam's work'.

Helen is in training by running regularly to keep her fitness up and the team met up recently to start training together by walking 20 miles around south Cambridgeshire.

The walk takes place on 17th July with the finish on the morning of 18th July and the team are of course hoping to raise as much money as possible. Anybody interested in supporting the cause can find full details on

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