Monday, 14 June 2010

More Quilting

A birthday surprise treat. With no idea where or what, I was taken to Just Sew in the North Laine in Brighton for a four hour Patchwork Class. I've made my children patchwork quilts by hand (true labours of love) with material from their old clothes and scraps I have lying around the house but I hadn't ever really learnt to patchwork - especially not on a machine.

Just Sew is run by the fabulous Nicole who also now runs the Brighton Sewing Centre just across the road. Classes are for groups of around six people and Nicole, plus a super helpful assistant will help with every step of the process. From choosing fabric, design, making cups of tea, cutting the fabric (so exciting using those pizza cutter type blades!), threading the brilliant sewing machines, making more cups of tea, calming our novice nerves, to providing applause and compliments on our finished products. The workshop was truly well run, great fun and informative. I'd ignorantly never known what a selvedge was!

Just Sew offers patchwork courses once a month, plus classes and sewing parties for children, teenagers and adults.

Just Sew
33 North Street
Brighton BN1 1YB
Tel: 01273 624653

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