Thursday, 16 February 2012

MADE- London - feedback and news

Thank you to everyone who filled out our questionnaire about MADE-London - the results were mostly positive - 98% of our respondents said that they would either definitely apply to take part (60%) or would perhaps apply (38%) the only issue is that makers wanted to pay about half the price of the (subsidised) ORIGIN fair!

We think we can make a new show work by stripping the fair to it's essentials - maintaining the quality of the exhibitors and targeting the marketing spend strictly. 

Venues are a problem, either too small, too expensive or in the wrong area. We think we have found a really exciting venue which has never been used before (in fact is not yet available as a venue) but it is a very interesting space in central London with incredibly good connections to the whole of London and beyond by Train and Tube. There are many negotiations and confirmations to go through before we know whether we can confirm this venue so we'll be crossing our fingers for the next few weeks until we hear.

At the moment we're not sure if we will be able to secure a good space but are trying. If we can make it work and finalise a great venue MADE - London is likely to be in mid to late October

If you may be interested in exhibiting at MADE - London register here

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