Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ways of Selling - Sarah's Etsy Shop

Felix and Felix
One of the interesting developments of the internet age, is the way that professional, amateur, full or part-time makers can
disseminate their work direct and unmediated to anyone in the world with an internet connection. This may have led to quite a lot of poor quality work or perhaps an increase in the speed and quantity of plagiarism. It has also opened up the market for craft and art and an explosion of creativity.

Sarah's  just started an Etsy shop with her tea-towel /cloth kits, she's have been getting round to it for some years, but now it's up at last.

Already - and it takes a while to be noticed in this huge sprawling site - sales are coming in and they are almost all from customers who could not possibly have seen the work elsewhere - Australia, USA, South Africa, where Sarah has no presence or galleries.

As well as the teatowel/ kits Sarah is starting to put her one-off heads on the site. Etsy has various structures where members can nominate shops and items as favourites, and so although sales are lovely, Etsy can also act as a sounding board as to what grabs people's attention and what is most popular (I think they call it crowd sourcing or something).

Augustus - Palm sized head.

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