Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Fulham Palace in the Winter

Winter at the Palace. Spending some time at Fulham Palace planning and plotting the organisation and marketing for the Palace Art and Craft Fair in May.

 Despite the crisp grey weather the Palace and grounds are looking smart and lovely after all the renovations and work that have been carried on in the past few years.
It's great walking in the grounds seeing the newly finished vinery and the work going ahead in the walled garden marking out new planting schemes for the coming year. Pottager?
 Really the only sign of colour are some early Iris's by the chapel wall but there is a feeling that spring is welling up ready to explode throughout the grounds given a few warm and sunny days.
The giant pine cone was sculpted by Dan Miles and has been at the Palace since the last Palace Art Fair. We're hoping to entice him back along with chisels to carve some more sculpture during the show.

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