Thursday, 28 March 2013

ARTHOUSE Meath at Palace Art and Craft Fair

We're very pleased that the ARTHOUSE Meath will be exhibiting with us at the Palace Art and Craft Fair this May. Brighton Art Fair has had a close relationship with the ARTHOUSE for many years and they has always been one of the most popular exhibitors at the show.

ARTHOUSE Meath celebrates the artistic talents and skills of adults living with severe epilepsy and learning difficulties.
 ARTHOUSE Meath highly regards the talents of the artists whose work and skills may have previously been considered redundant.

ARTHOUSE Meath is a social enterprise creating artworks and products for sale at exhibition, trade and retail. Sessions, run by professional artists, are held daily Monday to Friday offering placements to people with varying needs and abilities. All contributions are valued and everyone is involved. The work is beautiful and the artists offer something new with a refreshing perspective. All images on work sold are created by adults living with severe epilepsy and learning difficulties.

Arthouse Meath’s main aim is to show what can be and is achieved. Offering purpose to individuals is life changing, especially for those who have been told they can’t or have been made to feel redundant in the past.

By working closely together as a team, ARTHOUSE Meath has a huge sense of pride; artists, staff and volunteers are all involved and all achievements are celebrated. The majority of ARTHOUSE Meath artists experience severe epilepsy. To reduce epileptic seizures for those living with epilepsy, it is important that the brain is occupied, enthused and interested.

This is part of the service provided by ARTHOUSE Meath in a caring, sheltered environment in which the artists develop social skills, work ethics, team participation and technical skills.

Other successes ARTHOUSE Meath celebrates include:
Being the trade stationary supplier for Mary Portas concessions stores in House of Fraser,  BBC London news coverage, selling to Galleries and shops across the country, artists solo show at Pallant House Gallery, being part of Brighton Art Fair, trade shows at Olympia and Earls Court. A new shop and Arts Centre on Godalming High Street.

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