Thursday, 21 March 2013

Image of the Day - Clara Breen

"What is it made of? Paper? But… what if it rains?”
The ever-present concern of the British public with the (wet) weather is quite endearing to French jewellery designer-maker Clara Breen. Well, actually, unless you plan on taking a bath with your jewellery, you should be fine. In fact, Clara’s paper and silver rings are totally waterproof.

Clara plays with the notion of the contemporary keepsake by using slices of leaflets, train tickets and maps in her paper and silver jewellery. These papers often carry emotional content, and become a treasured possession. Don’t we all have, tucked away somewhere in our lives, a pile of concert tickets/ travel memorabilia?

The resulting pieces combine silver, paper and 9ct gold details, they are at once graphically-pleasing, quirky and evocative.

Specially-commissioned silver and paper jewellery, containing recycled Tate maps and leaflets can be seen at the gift shop in Tate Modern.

Clara Breen will be exhibiting at the Palace Art and Craft Fair in May

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