Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Prizes at the Palace Art and Craft Fair

We are delighted to be able to offer the following prizes to our exhibitors later this week at the Palace Art and Craft Fair.

Madebyhandonline are coming along to the fair and will select their 'Best Stand / Best in Show' from the craft section. The winner will receive free membership of madebyhandonline for a year as a selected seller, with marketing on the site and social media, plus mentoring support and full merchant services.

Similarly, Ceramic Review will be joining us and will select a ‘Best In Show’ from the ceramicists exhibiting. Their winner will be featured in the magazine's 'Spin Off' pages in either the Sept/Oct or Nov/Dec issue.

We will be selecting 'Best in Show' from the art section of the fair. Art Review is kindly supporting this prize, and the winning artist will be given a free annual subscription to the magazine.

We would like to thank all our prize sponsors for their generosity.

We also always run a Peer Prize at all of our events. We ask each exhibitor to vote for their favourite exhibitor showing at the fair. We feel this is a very esteemed prize, as to be voted for by fellow artists and designers is highest praise indeed. At the Palace Art and Craft Fair we are asking exhibitors to vote for one favourite artist from the art section and one favourite designer from the craft section.

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