Thursday, 12 September 2013

Artist of the Week - Debbie Ayles

Debbie Ayles creates paintings developed from drawings and studies of buildings hidden by scaffolding.

What was your journey to becoming an artist?Long and late and slow!

Is being an artist your only job?
I am aiming for this to be so, hopefully next year.

One favourite living artist?  Albert Irvine RA because his work is so opposite from mine: bright, colourful, free and splashy. However it is all underpinned by an understanding of colour placement and organisation, drawing skill and pattern. I try to apply many of these elements in my own work but it turns out quite differently! I had the pleasure of meeting him when my painting Essex Support Structure I, was hung next to his at the London Group exhibition a couple of years ago (picture below). It was a dream come true.

One favourite historical artist?
Hard to choose between Paul Klee and Alighiero Boetti for their mosaic style and colour experiments.

If you could collaborate with anyone living or dead, who would it be and what would you do?Probably Albert Irvine - to work on a large painting together. It would be fascinating to create a painting with a combination of my rather tight style and his very loose one with his and my colour and shape choices. I think I would learn so much from his invaluable experience.

Who is your style icon?
Anyone who knows me knows I have no idea about style!

Last gig you went to?
SONISPHERE - ooh my what a gig!

Last book / film that blew your mind?
The Best of Frasier. It's a collection of scripts from my favourite TV series. First time I read it I roared with laughter. Everyone should have something to just pick up that makes you laugh so easily and every time.

How many hours do you waste on the internet each day?
I don't think I waste any. I spend an hour or so depending on what's happening and a weekly Skype to my family in Hong Kong which I look forward to. Just love hearing how hot it is there and what they are up to!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?
The lovely Mersea Island. An undiscovered gem in Essex.

Where and what is your studio?
I have dreams of a spacious and warm studio in the garden, but currently share a room in the house with Mike Middleton who is also at BAF13.

Do you have a good work/life balance?
Getting there!

What one word would describe your feeling of doing your work?Ranging between excited and frustration!

What would your dream commission be?
A public art mural.

If you could exhibit in any gallery in the world which would it be?The Pompidou Centre in Paris: first place I saw Boetti's work and was almost physically bowled over by seeing someone who worked and thought like I did.

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