Friday, 27 September 2013

MADE LONDON Maker Profile: Beth Moran

My name is Beth Moran. I live on a small island off the west coast of Ireland called Clare Island. Clare Island is a rugged but beautiful island four miles out in the Atlantic Ocean. Having a population of only 150 means you know everyone and get an extended sense of family. It also means there is no place to hide and everyone is going to know everything.  I started weaving on the island 20 years ago. Working in a small workshop on the north side of the island, I endeavour to create unique hand-woven pieces. Each piece I create is a one-off piece and is entirely distinctive. I work with materials varying from the finest silk to the wool from our own sheep.  

The island definitely has proven to be a source of great inspiration for my work; the natural beauty and ever changing colours encourage artistic expression and is represented in my work through an infinitely changing palette of pattern and colour as well as texture.  It is also a place that awards one the peace and quiet necessary to weave and create unique pieces. However, island life is not without its difficulties. Unpredictable weather can lead to the boats being unable to run. This means that you can be stranded on the island until the weather improves. When planning to travel to a show the forecast is closely followed and if it looks bad an extra day or two would be added to the journey coming out early to avoid missing the event altogether.  Despite the inconvenience Clare Island is still a magnificent place to live. A place of space and safety.

I have a small shop attached to my workshop where visitors can come and see work in progress and run courses from April to September for all levels of students. Why not engage in an adventure and come out for a visit!

Beth Moran will be showing her work at MADE LONDON in October.

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