Friday 18 October 2013

Dialogue Collective at MADE LONDON

The Dialogue Wall

Following on from last year’s £20 wall of jewellery at MADE LONDON, twenty-one Dialogue Collective members and guests have created pieces for this year’s Dialogue Wall, exclusive to MADE LONDON 2013.
The Collective continues to explore our perception of what makes a piece of jewellery valuable.  Is it materials, size, techniques or exclusivity?  Can a small piece made in steel be of more value than a larger piece in gold?

Each maker has created a collection of three pieces that are connected in some way but have separate price points at £25, £50 or £100. Choose your favourite designer and buy your favourite piece. The colour scheme is red this year, all of the Dialogue team will be wearing red rosettes.
Dialogue Collective are featuring a Maker of the Day in the run up to the show on the website here..
Have a look at all the fabulous makers coming to the show.

Exhibitors: Petra Bishai; Laura Cave; Sophie Hall; Victoria King; Darja Nikitina; Paolo Scura; Margot Sevadjian; Marina Skia; Rachel Terry; Timothy Information Limited and Aneta Wrobel.

Wall Guests: Juliette Bigley; Isabelle Busnel; Ellie Corp; Ruth Drinkwater; Buddug Wyn Humphreys; Maarit Liukkonen; Making Shapes; Obscuritas Design; Natsuki Sawai; Helene Turbe and Deborah Werbner.


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