Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Sara Moorhouse - Crepuscular Ray

Ceramicist Sara Moorhouse's, ‘Assemblage: Crepuscular Ray’ is an abstract interpretation of a view out to sea on a calm day. Light winds gently brush the sea this way and that creating variably-toned horizontal blue bands, onto which broken sunlight dapples. From between the clouds a single beam of light spills diagonally, crossing the otherwise uniform scene.


The artwork of 24 bowls, 6 per shelf, is held together by colour sequences, which move horizontally, vertically and diagonally across the composition. Each row of 6 bowls has a dominant colour of either dark blue, pale blue or white. From left to right the accent colour of the bowls in each row gradates from mustard yellow to bright yellow.
All horizontal rows are aligned with those above and/or below, creating vertical arrangements where the accent yellow remains the same. In the lower 3 rows the dominant colour of selected bowls is rendered yellow instead of the dark blue, pale blue or white. This creates a yellow diagonal yellow line across the composition referring to the Crepuscular Ray. Whilst the yellow hue of each of these bowls follows the horizontally gradating sequence for the accent colour of mustard to bright yellow, the yellow in each appears changed. This colour illusion is due to the different proportion and arrangement of colour used, even though the actual hue remains the same.

The work is currently on show at Craft in the Bay in Cardiff for the 'Fireworks Now' exhibition. Sara will be showing her work at MADE LONDON.

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