Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A Carrot in the Toaster

I was told about Marion Sharville's poems by her daughter, hat maker Jane Sharville who visited me at the Worthing Open Houses last weekend.

Marion has written poems all her life and finally saw her dream come true at the age of 87 when her poems were finally published. The poems are wonderfully humourous and beautifully written.

The title 'A Carrot in the Toaster' comes from Marion realising that she was beginning to forget things - like we all do - so she would put a carrot in the toaster to remind her of things she might have forgotten to do!

Marion wrote a poem about the huge amounts of wood that washed ashore Worthing Beach in January 2008. Watch her reciting it here.

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Dan Thompson said...

Marion is a regular performer at the Revolutionary Arts Group's Roundabout events - she's has an amazing presence as a performer and a wicked sense of humour. The next Roundabout takes place as part of in September.