Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Through the Keyhole - James Stewart

James Stewart is the Director of the Zimmer Stewart Gallery in Arundel, West Sussex. He lives above the gallery which is in the town centre.

When did you move to house/studio?
December 2002

What made you choose it, what interested you about it's style or location?
The garden, more space than we had before and the shopfront which presented me an opportunity to move away from accountancy and work for myself again.

What's your favourite room - why?
Difficult to decide – jointly the “Blue Room” because it is snug and where we have our favorite paintings, ceramics and other objects & the Kitchen/Living room this opens onto the garden and in the summer it feels like one big space, it is also the best room when we have loads of people over.

How would describe your decorating style?
Eclectic, unplanned, constantly evolving, old meets new, a constant battle between the houses of my parents & grand parents and the style I have developed for myself

What about it does inspire you?
My inspiration comes from working directly with artists and the excitement of seeing new work by new artists, going to exhibitions and galleries. I collect work from the artists I really like, and to have these around me all the time keeps me focused.

What is interesting about your house and why?
It is interesting living and working in the same place, the gallery takes up the ground floor and we live upstairs and downstairs.

What is interesting about your house contents and why?
The house contents are a mix of inherited furniture and contemporary pieces – they seem to work well together. There are loads of paintings everywhere, and ceramics and sculptures on shelves – it must look like the home of an art magpie.

Why do you like your area of the world - how does it relate to your work if at all?
I like West Sussex because of its proximity to the sea and the South Downs. I love running and can go in almost any direction straight from the house. The people are nice, and there is a close knit community in Arundel. Having said all that I need to go to London often as an antidote, to get lost, be anonymous and hear all the different languages on the tube!

All photographs by Alun Callendar

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Jules said...

what an amazing place. I especially like the art work in the bathroom!