Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Worthing Open Houses

(Sarah Young's Studio, with Christian Funnell sculpture)

Worthing saw an unusual sight last weekend - Brightonians making the trip 12 miles west to look at the art of Worthing displayed in 20 Open Houses and Gardens. Worthing's is a small trail compared to Brighton's 220 house one in May but it is rather more manageable and has been very much enjoyed by the visitors during the squally first weekend where many houses were full for much of the day.

(Alison Milner and Steve Speller's house - Painting by Kevin Johns)

Many of the houses follow a trail near and along the seafront either side of the pier. There are new galleries on the front and as well as Open Houses serving tea and homemade cake there are cafe's along the seafront - I'd recommend Coast Cafe (they also have an exhibition on in their upper room)

(Fleur Grenier, Christiane Kersten and Alison Milner)

Some of the artists from moving stichers group have opened a temporary shop in the local shopping centre where they are promoting the Open Houses, holding workshops and demonstrating their skills/ Their Open House is at 15 St Botolphs Road.

(Jon Sweeting, Annie Hewitt, Joy Fox)

Sarah Young is holding a studio sale - cleaning out her plan chests and selling all her prints, paintings dolls and illustration at at least 20% discount (the sale extends to all items on her website). Also Sarah's opening her new garden studio to the public for the first time.

(Sarah Young, Jo Sweeting, Annie Hewitt)

Worthing Open Houses are open next weekend only from 10.00 - 6.00. The whole trail can be easily cycled in a day.

(Christian Funnell)

(Sarah Young's new studio with illustrations)

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