Thursday, 11 February 2010

Can Twitter defeat Plagerism?

The advent of the World Wide Web and digital dissemination has seen a change in attitudes to copying in the arts and design.

Today has seen a twitter campaign being launched to defend a small designer - Hidden Eloise - (who sells work through online stores such as folksy) who 's work has (allegedly) been taken, modified and used by giant Paperchase. Paperchase refuses to discuss the matter with Hidden Eloise and has continued the sell the disputed designs

Paperchase product

Hidden Eloise's website and animation about the two 'Alices"

Anyway the good people on twitter have taken matters into their own hands and Paperchase's feedback on Amazon is soaring like the proverbial Lead Zeppelin. Feel free to air your own opinion! Stand up for the small designers against the big money

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