Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Jonny Hannah at the Tom Paine Press

We went to the Tom Paine Press in Lewes last Saturday to see an exhibition of Jonny Hannah's prints. The Tom Paine Press is the brainchild of Peter Chasseaud to build and set up a working 18th Century style wooden Common Press. The press was build for Peter by Alan May (who also made the Gutenberg press for Stephen Fry on his TV program). This press is now housed in a gallery at 151 High Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 1XU and recreates the environment of an 18th century printing house, with type cases, cabinets, frames and the compositor’s ‘stone’.

Posters, broadsheets, pamphlets and books are printed on the press, which is also "used to show the complexities of letterpress technology and the crucial importance of the printed word in disseminating ideas."

Lewes of course was the home of Tom Paine and he wrote the 'Rights of Man' in the town whilst resident at theBull House - where Paine lived and worked as a customs and excise officer - as well as seller of tobacco! - the White Hart where he was part of the debating society is a little further down the road......
Tom Paine's independent and democratic tradition is well represented in the town today which last year declared it's own currency and organised a successful boycott against a big brewery messing with Lewes' favourite beer!

As well as Jonny Hannah's screenprints and paintings the press sells a great range of affordable artists books and printed artists cards.

The Tom Paine Press is open 10 - 5 pm Tuesday - Saturday
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Maša Kepic said...

Lovely print studio. Beautiful vintage kit!