Monday, 28 March 2011

Call for entries - Deadlines this week

The deadline to apply to exhibit at

Brighton Art Fair
Palace Art Fair and
MADE11 - Brighton's Design and Craft Fair

is this week on the 1st April. Applications have been flooding in for all three show but we don't look at the applications until selection start so everyone has the same chance before the selection panel which will start to sit next week.


Jules said...

I'd really love to apply and there's only a few hours left( even started to fill out the application form) but looked at the costs and it's out of my league - I'm just starting out. Would have LOVED to be there...ho hum ...maybe another year.

Jules said...

PS I think it's a real shame this blog doesn't have loads of comments yet. It's fabulous and a real inspiration to other designer-makers and artists.I'll post this on my blog and hopefully you'll get some more traffic! Keep up the good work!!