Thursday, 29 August 2013

Ten Years, Ten Artists - Frances Doherty


As the Brighton Art Fair reaches it's 10th anniversary, I feel privileged to have been asked to write about my experience showing at this lovely Art Fair.

I first showed in their second year and have been lucky enough to have been allowed to show every year since. They were my first outing as a sculptor (I had come from the nearby world of applied arts) and I sold my first three sculptures here. I still remember these clients, and they still come to visit me here.

Every year they create an exciting buzz around the fair throughout the South, and many of the visitors make the trip to the show from London and beyond. I remember having to queue the first year just to get into the Private View, the first time I had ever had to do this.

The fair is run by artists and as such the needs of the artist are put first. They ask for and act on feedback received every year. The organisers are visible throughout the weekend and make sure that everything is running smoothly. They change the show just enough every year to give it a new feel, yet allow popular artists who have shown with them before to come back with the proviso that they have new work. This keeps the show fresh for artists and visitors alike. It is not overcrowded although it does get busy at times and the weekend has a gently party feel to it.

Brighton long needed an annual Art Fair when this one came along, and happily for everyone they have managed to make it both professional, of a high standard, well attended and yet laid back. A difficult thing to achieve. I have had some of my most successful sales here and met many new clients. I look forward to attending many more. Happy Birthday BAF!

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