Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Artist of the Week - Ali Yanya

Ali Yanya. BA. MA. RCA

At the moment I am working on group compositions with shadowy, standing figures against unrecognisable spaces. The main idea behind these images is to draw attention to the transient nature of human existence. Without being too narrative my intention is to achieve a good balance between form and content.

Favourite Historical Artist?
My favourite artist is GIORGIO DE CHIRICO. because of his innovative and enigmatic imagery. Particularly the paintings dating from 1911 - 1920, "deserted city squares filled with mysterious shadows, stopped clocks and sleeping statues."

When and Where Did You First Want To Do What You Do?
I first realised that I wanted to be an artist during my history of art lessons. I felt that I had something to say and add.

At Age 15 Who Influenced Your Style? Was There Any Individual Who Very Much Who Helped you on Your Way?
From the age of 13 I had a summer holiday job working with my secondary school art teacher who had a signwriting workshop. When I finished High School, I was unsure about studying Art at university, it was his influence and confidence in me that led me to apply to the Art School. I had no preparation for the university entrance exam so, he sat me down and ask me a draw a plant which I did... after seeing my drawing he said "don't worry you'll get in!"

How Do You Set About Starting A New Project?
I work continuously ...one thing leads to another!

Surprising Activity?
I love fishing.

Do You Have Good Work/Life Balance?
Even though I work very hard as a lecturer, it is only part-time which means that I get plenty of time to paint and have quality time with my wife and children during the school holidays. I never switch off from my work.

Can Anything Be Art?
It depends on the meaning implied by the artist.

What Do You Think Are Crime Against Taste and Decency in Art?
In my opinion the biggest crime against good taste and decency in Art is, people with influential power imposing their own taste and vision onto particularly young art students as if that is the only thing.

Most Overrated Artist?
FRANK AUERBACH. - In fact he is one of many. "Tons of paint on the canvas" not much is happening. "By the way, that is called painterly!"
Does one need to read all those psychological explanations and essays.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ali.......love the current contributions. Do you only sell originals, or might I be able to obtain a printed version? Best wishes to the family! Anne-Marie (Nancy?)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ali

I really love your work and I'd be interested in featuring you on my website BrightonPOD.

Take a look and see what you think.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ali, I bought one of your pictures down at the Art in Action outside Oxford, and a friend bought me another one. I have to tell you that they have given me a lots of pleasure. Thank you. p.s. Please let me know if you are having an exhibition.